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School Growth Plan 2021-2022

This page will tell the story of our School Growth Plan Process for 2021-22, which started in May of 2021.  


May 2021

Building off of our previous goal, success for all students, crossing the stage with dignity, purpose and options, stakeholder groups were asked to describe what success means in the areas of Human and Social Development (dignity), Intellectual Development (purpose) and Career Development (options.)  What evidence would convince us that they were successful in these areas?


June 2021

Input gathered from staff on impactful Structures and Strategies that will lead towards the evidence we could use?   

School Growth Plan Team formed, with staff, students and parent members.  


2021-2022 School Growth Plan on the Web

In July 2021, we launched a series of web pages, including this one, and our Data Dashboard to communicate our School Growth Plan. 


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