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Gulf Islands Secondary offers a wide range of programs for students. Scroll down to learn more. 


The Gulf Islands School of Performing Arts offers advanced education in Music, Dance, and Theatre for students in grades 9-12.​

International Program

The Gulf Islands International Education Program offers a variety of quality high school programs, outstanding academic and elective course options, university preparation, intensive English as a Second Language (ESL) programs, tutor support and vocational programs. 

Careers and Transitions

Our district offers programs that provide an opportunity for students to learn the fundamental skills required for a number of careers and often include hands-on work experience and on-the-job training with local employers. The Careers and Transitions webpage provides information about training programs and resources that sync/mesh with student’s interests,skills, and values. Students, parents, employers, and district staff can find information here about programs that prepare students for success after high school.​

Connecting Generations

Connecting Generations is a school district program that brings together youth and adults in face to face conversations about interests, skills and life experiences, supporting people of different ages and backgrounds in the Gulf Islands to have meaningful conversations about things that matter to them. 

Media Arts and Robotics

Media Arts students at GISS can choose to study Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Photography, Animation, or Film. In Robotics, students build robots and then program their robots to move, respond to stimuli, and solve problems. 3D Design and Printing students design solutions using computer software and then print these objects using a 3D printer. 

Phoenix Place

Gulf Islands Secondary School provides alternate education through Phoenix Place in a learning environment that promotes personal growth and individual responsibility. Phoenix Place offers a high school graduation diploma and incorporates academic, career exploration and work experience opportunities, individualized support, and instruction, as well as personalized learning.​

Culinary Program

Cooking is about teaching.  It is the passing of knowledge, recipes, and science from one generation to the next.  Cooking involves not just thought, ingredients and measurements, but passion, dedication, and inspiring creativity. Teaching is not just about conveying information, but also how the information is received. In these times of fast foods, drive thru’s and processed junk food it is so important to educate the next generation about “slow food”,  proper cooking fundamentals and cooking techniques. This is something the GISS culinary program is built upon. The GISS culinary program prides itself on the importance of educating students on healthy choices, fresh food, including taking an active role in caring for our greenhouse and garden.


Shift is a blended learning program where students learn, at least in part, through online delivery of content and instruction. In Shift, students often have greater control over the time, place, path, and pace of their learning. Most core academic subjects are offered in Shift in addition to unique courses such as Psychology, Social Justice, Family Studies, Rosetta Stone Languages, and more.

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