GISS Parent Advisory Council


UPDATED: January 21, 2020


Hello GISS Parents/Guardians, 

JOIN US for our monthly PAC meeting TONIGHT, 6-7:30pm in the GISS Office Conference Room or "Zoom" in remotely using this link: Meeting ID: 487 441 274


WE INVITE YOU AT ANY TIME to email queries, feedback or offers of fundraising, creative or cognitive assistance to


Thank you,


PAC Chair, 2019/20 "




Hello GISS Parents/Guardians!


Do you want to be more in the loop about what’s going on at GISS?

Do you want to connect with other parents/guardians?

Do you have skills you’d like to share?


By virtue of being a parent/guardian of a student at GISS, you’re already a PAC member, but we're hoping to connect with a wider range of parents and guardians—especially those who want to be involved in some way, but either can’t make, or don’t do, meetings!


To that end, we hope you will fill out this super short Parent/Guardian Skills and Interests Survey 


All the best,


Your PAC Executive




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