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Important Information for 2020 Grads

Post-Secondary Institution (PSI) Selection Deadline for 2020 Graduates is July 10


Final transcripts and graduation certificates will be produced on or about July 30th and will be sent to each student’s post-secondary institution (PSI) selections thereafter.


Students need only complete their PSI selections once in the current school year but may add to their selections at any time up to July 10, 2020. Students may make up to 25 selections free of charge within six months after completing their last course. After six months, students will be charged $10 per transcript on the StudentTranscripts Service.


Students must log on to StudentTranscripts Service to make their PSI selections and/or order their transcript. 

For students who have not yet created an account, there is a video in the link below with instructions.


If you have any questions, please contact Lyall Ruehlen at

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