Graduation Transitions

Transition into, within, and out of GISS is an important focus area for us. Our Transitions Program is a four-year, eight-credit linear program that combines the learning outcomes of Career Ed 9 to 12 (previously Planning 10 and Grad Transitions). The program develops the skills, knowledge, and competencies to help students make educated decisions and identify strategies for future success. Teams of teachers collaborate in REAL 9 to ease the transition into high school, while the grade 10 to 12 components are delivered outside the timetable and supported by the hybrid learning model of SHIFT. Assessments include current practices of self-reflection and a capstone project in grade twelve. 

REAL 9   (Respectful, Engaged, Adaptable, Learners)



The REAL program aims to help grade 9 students build the habits that are fundamental for a successful and enjoyable high school experience. The program will provide students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will assist them in making informed decisions that relate to their health, education and future careers.


The learning outcomes of the  REAL program are aligned with the Career Education 10 curriculum, which is a required course for graduation in BC. 


In the first semester of grade 9 students will participate in the following five units:


  • Healthy Living

  • Tools of Success

  • Digital Literacy and ePortfolio 

  • Planning for Your Future

  • Careers




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