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GISS Graduates: Where Are They Now? 


 Find out more about some of GISS's amazing graduates and what they have done after high school. 

Dr. Clare Rustad

Family Medicine 

Clare graduated in____. After practicing medicine in the greater Toronto area, she has returned to Salt Spring and has started a  family medicine practice. Clare is also an accomplished athlete who played soccer on Canada’s National and Olympic soccer teams.


Dr. Jesse Wolf

Head of Sales

Dr. Jesse Wolf:  locum for my own family doctor.  We'll remember him as Jesse Hranchuk.  He remembers Lyall Ruelen and basketball as poignant to his high school years. 

Dr. Tika Okuda

Product Manager

Dr. Tika Okuda: I ran into her last fall during her final residency in the neurology ward of Victoria General Hospital. What a lovely Galiano kid, who was a leader in our school and organized the grade 11 speech contest back in the day, among other great things. 

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